Outstanding Oral Presentation at SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference, Long Beach, CA (October 2016).
Davidson Grants for Travel to Lick Observatory, August 2016 ($400).
Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research, May 2016 ($1600).
Cool Stars 19, Travel Grant, June 2016 (4000 kr).
Semi-finalist at UC-systemwide Grad SLAM public speaking contest ($100).
Association for Women In Science Scholarship, San Diego Chapter, April 2015 ($1000). IPAC Fellowship, Caltech, March-October 2014 ($18000).
UCSD Friends of the International Center Scholarship, May 2013 ($2000).
Cool Stars 17, Graduate Student Poster Award, 3rd place, June 2012 (e100).
Cool Stars 17, Travel Grant, June 2012 ($500).
John Reed Research Fund, Summer 2008.
AAS Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award, Honorable Mention, June 2009.
Margarita C. Hennessy Scholarship recipient (Full tuition: ∼$40,000 per year; 2007-2011).